Assisting on the Road to Recovery

Volunteers represent 90% of the American Red Cross workforce. They are the lifeblood of the organization. This week’s Volunteer Spotlight exemplifies the American Red Cross’ dedication to the communities it serves after the headline events have passed. Annette Metz is a a recovery planning caseworker and a member of the disaster recovery team.

Annette who became a volunteer in February of this year, describes her role as “[assisting individuals] that have been involved in a fire, a building collapse or a tornado, but mostly fires.” Annette provides referrals for food, clothing and housing to those impacted, adding “We offer a lending hand right when they feel at their lowest. Moreover, I think we play an integral part in the courage and the hope that individuals have.” 

Annette urges others to volunteer with the American Red Cross, “There are so many needs within Red Cross and so not just volunteers are needed, but volunteers that are able to share their life experience with someone else and share a human face to an organization that is there to help them. Just that human face lets people know that they are not alone and that there are those that are there to help.”

If you would like to join the Red Cross volunteer network and help make a lasting impact on your community, visit to see open positions near you.

Written by communications volunteer, Melanie Priestly.

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