Become a Certified Life Saver – Get CPR Certified at the Red Cross

By: Dani Deuschle, Communications Intern for the American Red Cross of Indiana We all know the famous song by the Bee Gees, Stayin’ Alive. Not only does it have great lyrics and a catchy beat, but it’s that very beat that literally keeps people alive. It’s the pulse we use in CPR. The American RedContinue reading “Become a Certified Life Saver – Get CPR Certified at the Red Cross”

The Impact of a Red Cross Volunteer

Robert Fitzgerald, or better known as Bert, has been one of our most outstanding volunteers. Bert has a master’s degree in Psychology and worked for nearly 30 years at Jefferson County’s Madison State Hospital as a social worker. Bert’s background in health care and mental health has proved invaluable in his many Red Cross volunteerContinue reading “The Impact of a Red Cross Volunteer”

Tri-State Couple Recognized for Their Many Years as American Red Cross Volunteers

A Tri-State couple is continuing to give back to the community in more ways than one. Meet Don and Peggy Racster of Evansville. They have been volunteering for the American Red Cross for many years. Read and watch the full story by clicking here.