Volunteer Spotlight: Monte Moore

This week’s Volunteer Spotlight highlights Monte Moore. Monte is a Disaster Services, Operations, and Service to the Armed Forces volunteer. Monte became a board member in 2008 and started volunteering in 2017. He found himself driven to serve on our Disaster Action Team and is currently the Regional Disaster Action Team Regional Duty Officer. He is deeply involved with Disaster Services as a member of the Mass Care, Disaster Assessment, and Response Applications teams. His service also expands across to our Service to the Armed Forces and Operations departments.  

Monte has always felt a strong drive for the mission to help others impacted by disasters and being able to be trained to provide help and hope to someone in need is a powerful motivator to stay involved. As the DAT Regional Duty Officer position, Monte works with Disaster staff and volunteers to virtually help connect those on-call with active disasters.

“I know when I am on-call I will be supporting at least one person for our DAT volunteers to be able to go assist. I am the connection from the national disaster line to the local level. Being able to be a part of the initial response puts everything into motion as then our local DAT responders are informed and prepared to go into action putting the mission at work,” said Monte.

Monte embodies the spirit of the Red Cross’ humanitarian mission and encourages others to join. “If you want to broaden your scope, the Red Cross is an organization to find a way for you to help people. Whether you want to deploy on national disasters, or if you want to help out locally, you can do that. You can find ways to find the right fit for what you are wanting to do.”

If you would like to learn more about joining the Red Cross volunteer team, visit redcross.org/volunteer.

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