Volunteer Spotlight: Vedang Revankar

This week we would like to spotlight one of our volunteers, Vedang Revankar. Vedang joined the Red Cross as a volunteer during his sophomore year of high school, where he assisted with making PCP kits. After a few years, he re-joined the Red Cross during his sophomore year of college, this time as an intern. Vedang’s belief in the Red Cross’ mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering led him to stay on as a volunteer even after his internship came to an end. He wanted to be a part of an organization determined to help people, and at the Red Cross he was able to learn how to make a positive impact in his community.

When asked what his favorite aspect of volunteering is, Vedang said that it was the fact that “The actions I take in volunteering ultimately help others in need. I like that I can reach out to different establishments and people to try and connect with them.” Vedang’s Red Cross experience has impacted him in a very positive way. He feels more comfortable and confident when talking to people, which is a very handy skill to have when recruiting people to become Red Cross volunteers. Through his role in volunteer services at the Red Cross, he has been able to see recruits he has spoken with experience the same sense of pride and satisfaction he feels through making a positive impact in the community.

If you would like to join the Red Cross volunteer team, or want to learn more about available volunteer positions, visit redcross.org/volunteer.

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