Volunteer Spotlight: Jordi Saunders

The Indiana Region of the American Red Cross would not be able to do what it does for the community without our wonderful volunteers. On this #ThankfulTuesday, we are shining the light on Jordi Saunders, who has been a Red Cross volunteer since January of 2022! He is a Disaster Action Team member, and Mass Care and Sheltering Volunteer. 

When Jordi was offered a new position with the Air Force, he moved to Indianapolis. With the move, he wanted to meet new people in the area, get involved with his new neighborhood, and ultimately find a way to give back. He fulfilled this need when he started volunteering with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team.  

“As much as I enjoy the feeling of giving back to the community, my favorite aspect of volunteering has been meeting the other volunteers from all over the city. Everyone I have met has different experiences and stories to share”, Jordi said.  

His favorite experience so far has been volunteering during a Sound the Alarm event, where the Red Cross travels to local communities to encourage fire alarm safety and awareness. Red Cross volunteers also work to replace out-of-date fire alarms with new ones in family homes. Jordi says his favorite aspect of volunteering is the teams he gets to work with; everyone he meets has different experiences and stories to share. 

As for his Red Cross volunteer experience and its impact, Jordi says his time as a Disaster Action Team member has made him more aware of the challenges the people in his community could face, and the resiliency of a community when people are there to help each other.

“Every call we get is different but each case we respond to is a family or community member in need,” he said, “and it gives me a great deal of pride to know I can help make a difference.” 

Experiencing this humanity and compassion through the Red Cross has made him eager for his time ahead working with the Red Cross Disaster Action Team. 

Your local Red Cross Disaster Action Team needs volunteers like you to help give back to the community. To find a volunteer opportunity near you, visit redcross.org/volunteer or call (317) 886-8508 for more information. 

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