Volunteer Spotlight: Kellie Wittman

The Indiana Region of the American Red Cross would not be able to do what it does for the community without our wonderful volunteers. On this #ThankfulTuesday, we are shining the light on Kellie Wittman who has been a volunteer since July of 2021. Her current roles are Operations Team Front Desk and Disaster Services Recruitment Support.

Kellie started volunteering for the Red Cross after a recommendation from AARP SCSEP following a long period of severe disability. She wanted to get back on her feet financially, and felt the Red Cross would help her ease back into the work environment.

Kellie’s favorite aspect of volunteering is being able to assist others through their times of need. She says she knows what it takes to ask for help, therefore when anyone reaches out, whether the Red Cross can help or not, she takes a few minutes to give them advice on where they might find help.

“I think it took real hardship for me to reach out and ask for help.  Learning how difficult it is to ask for help has made giving back so much more valuable,” said Kellie.

She says her experiences at the Red Cross have helped her heal. Although her body had healed from a variety of surgeries, it wasn’t until she started working, hearing stories and helping others that her mental state began to heal. Plus, she says the atmosphere of gratitude and appreciation is absolutely AMAZING!

Kellie says on occasion she hears how a conversation with her, gave hope to someone else.

Her goal now is to find work in the non-profit sector.

Are you searching for a rewarding volunteer opportunity? If so, we would love for you to join the Recruitment team! To learn more and find out about volunteering click here.

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