Volunteer Spotlight: Oladipo Owoyomi

On this #ThankfulTuesday, we are shining the light on Oladipo Owoyomi who is a new volunteer for the American Red Cross – Indiana Region. He joined the team in January of this year as a part of the Disaster Action Team (DAT).

Oladipo Owoyomi has always been community-focused, having worked in Nigeria with National NGOs supporting communities at risk of HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria, and other developmental issues. As he transitioned into calling the United States his new home, he saw the local need to help his community when disaster strikes.

Volunteer, Oladipo Owoyom

“I have always had a passion for humanity and community service and lived to be of help to people with challenges – health, disaster, danger, and even ignorance. I desire to see everyone around me in a very comfortable state. I am living and working to assist people that are affected, neglected, and marginalized in society to access the necessary care they need. I found out that my passion aligns with the mission of Red Cross.”

As a trainee in the DAT program, online training courses must be completed as they provide fundamental knowledge of providing essential services to clients and families affected by disasters. Completing training is at the core of understanding disaster response concepts, while disaster responses provide robust experience. Oladipo rose to the challenge within his first month as a DAT trainee, completing his courses swiftly and showing his dedication to his newfound volunteer role.

Clients and families impacted by disasters receive financial assistance and other Red Cross services such as Health Services, Mental Health Services, and Spiritual Care. Understanding the services a client needs is critical, and the ability to navigate calmly and collectively each situation is key. While Oladipo is reaching his third month in his new volunteer position, he is determined to be deeply involved, eagerly attend DAT meetings, and respond to the calls for help.

His engagement and willingness to learn shines brightly on others, encouraging his fellow DAT members who see his diligent volunteer work ethic.

“In the course of my few months of joining Red Cross, my capacity has been built through trainings, fieldwork, and meetings. My civic responsibility has been encouraged, and I have seen commitments being honored in a timely manner. Through RC engagement and activities, I have seen people having and living meaningful and fulfilled lives. I hope to start sensitizing the community on disaster prevention as well as recruiting volunteers for RC through referrals going forward.”

We greatly thank Oladipo for his service as a new volunteer rising to the occasion to provide hope and help for his community impacted by disasters.

Are you interested in helping your community during a disaster? If you answered yes, we need you! Click here to learn more about how to become a Disaster Action Team volunteer and to apply today.

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