Volunteer Spotlight: Sara Keys

By: Loida Rodriguez, volunteer recruitment specialist

On this #ThankfulTuesday, we are shining the light on Sara Keys who is a new volunteer for the American Red Cross – Indiana Region. She joined the team in January of this year. 

“I wanted to help in my community,” said Sara. “There’s a lot we can do together to help those in their time of need, and saving lives is a role I want to be a part of.”  

Sara is a blood donor ambassador who eagerly attends to donors at blood drives, providing them with a great welcome. She checks in with each donor during the donor process and thanks them for their lifesaving donation. Through her work at blood drives, she is leaving a lasting experience, especially for first time donors.

As our country is facing a blood shortage, everyone’s role from staff to volunteers is critical to engage in creating memorable moments and recognizing donors for their generous gift of life.   

“Being able to work with caring individuals. From donor’s, staff, and other volunteers we all have a part in saving lives together,” said Sara. 

Sara’s second blood drive was at the Statehouse Day Blood Drive back in February, and she was invigorated seeing the gathering of donors, staff, and volunteers all for a great cause. She swiftly assisted donors, redirected questions to staff as needed, and at the end of each experience with a donor she passed out refreshments and a special T-shirt.

Sara is excited to have begun her journey with the Red Cross this year and looks forward to what is to come.  

“My experience has led me to come aboard the American Red Cross and continue to help those in need.” 

Are you interested in becoming a blood donor ambassador? We would love for you to join the team. To learn more and to apply to become a volunteer today – click here.

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