Become a Certified Life Saver – Get CPR Certified at the Red Cross

By: Dani Deuschle, Communications Intern for the American Red Cross of Indiana

We all know the famous song by the Bee Gees, Stayin’ Alive. Not only does it have great lyrics and a catchy beat, but it’s that very beat that literally keeps people alive. It’s the pulse we use in CPR. The American Red Cross offers CPR training and classes at multiple locations across the Indiana Region.

Being CPR certified is a great skill to have in times of emergency. Whether it’s a near-drowning incident, cardiac arrest or a situation where someone is suffocating, it is important to know how to respond. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of drug overdose deaths increased by nearly 5% from 2018 to 2019 and has quadrupled since 1999. Providing CPR or rescue breathing is the most important first step in treating an opioid overdose. “Our CPR courses are a smart and easy way to become CPR certified,” said Jeff Imel, regional program director.

Back in July, we worked with our partners in the Martindale-Brightwood area and PACE Indy to train and certify three new instructors in CPR.

Our classes are available online, in-person and via our blended simulation learning experience, which is a combination of online coursework and in-person instruction that suits your schedule and learning style.

Once you successfully complete any of our courses offered, you will receive a two-year certification. However, if you complete the online-only course, you will not be able to demonstrate your skills to a certified instructor, which in some cases may not meet the requirements for workforce safety certification. To maintain your certification after two years, we offer abbreviated CPR and first aid renewal classes that allow you to stay up to date on the latest techniques.

Our CPR and first aid classes are designed for anyone. They are ideal for schools and allow educators, administrators and other staff members to become instructors who can train students and faculty. This creates a campus community that will be prepared for an emergency. Our classes cover materials that are based on the best and latest in emergency science. They are developed by experts in the field and reviewed by the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council.

To sign up for a CPR course today click here. Select the class you are interested in from the “Select a class type” drop down menu and then find the location closest to you, which will then lead you to a list of online and in-person classes that is the best fit for you.

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