Gary Youth Selected to Create Campaign for the American Red Cross of Indiana

By: Brianna Smith, Member of the AVE Y Media Team

Many people think living in Gary, Indiana means you are either poor or you make poor life decisions. Sometimes these comments are made by people who live outside of the city. Even though Gary is not perfect, I believe there’s plenty of positive outcomes here.

Located in Gary, there is a newly created media team called “AVE Y Productions.” AVE Y empowers youth to share the positive narrative about Gary. Recently, AVE Y’s media team was given the opportunity to create a campaign for a national organization, the American Red Cross of Indiana. Being able to create unique content has brought great emotions to this team.

The young people involved in this project are thankful to the American Red Cross for the opportunity to create content that amplifies their voices specifically with regard to “Having the Talk” about the COVID-19 vaccine. Hear how this unique opportunity has impacted the AVE Y media team members below. 

AVE Y Media Team

Ken Barry aka ‘Big Thirsty’ 

“This is an incredible opportunity for young people to amplify their voices concerning issues that are important to them.” 

Josef Barry aka ‘Jax’ (Director and Production Manager) 

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a big company. It still feels surreal and I’m thankful.” 

Brianna Smith (Producer) 

“Being able to work with the American Red Cross is not an opportunity that I thought would be handed to me at the age of 17. And because it was, I want to thank my team and the Red Cross team for making this one of the great experiences that I will encounter in my life.”

Raina Jenkins 

“To be recruited by the American Red Cross has been truly amazing and is a big deal to me. At first, I didn’t know how huge this truly was until they came to talk to us, and then it hit me that we are working with/for The American Red Cross.” 

Amare Brokemond 

“I am excited to be recruited by the Red Cross! It is such an amazing and famous organization for the right reasons. It almost doesn’t feel real.” 

Amber Smith 

“Being recruited by the Red Cross has been a great experience for me. I’m excited to find out what more they have for us. It’s also a great feeling when you’re able to help. Lastly, the fact that the Red Cross recruited a team of youth from Gary, Indiana and took the time out of their day to view our ideas makes me believe there’s more potential here than we already knew.” 

David Bazziel 

“To be working with the Red Cross is a true honor and 100% a special opportunity. I am excited to start making content for the Red Cross.” 

Daniel Bazziel 

“I am excited to be working with the Red Cross!” 

Damien Maldonaodo 

“I am beyond happy we got this opportunity to work with the Red Cross, giving us another outlet to showcase our abilities and I am grateful.”

If you aren’t already following the American Red Cross of Indiana’s social media sites; @INRedCross on Facebook and Twitter and @IndianaRedCross on Instagram. Follow them today. We’ll share our campaign on their social media sites soon.

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