Volunteer Spotlight: Tammy Stone

Every American Red Cross volunteer has a unique story as to why they volunteer, but Disaster Action Team member Tammy Stone’s story is one that truly embodies the Red Cross’ mission. Tammy, who is legally blind, has been a lifelong volunteer, starting her volunteer career at the age of 14, and has continued to serve others to this day. Tammy has always wanted to help people but over time, the reasons for her selflessness have changed.

Tammy lost her daughter in 2022, and it left her feeling lost. As time went on, Tammy was looking for a way to keep busy and help her move forward. She attended a CPR training at the local senior center, where Red Cross employees were teaching a class. Tammy had struggled to find volunteer opportunities as someone who is visually impaired, however, the Red Cross provided her with multiple opportunities that allowed her to not only contribute but flourish.

In December of 2022, Tammy began her Red Cross volunteer career as a member of the Disaster Action Team. Since then, Tammy has been a duty officer and worked on several disaster responses. Tammy has also been a fierce advocate for training that is more easily accessible for the blind.

“The Red Cross saved me. It gave me a purpose- to help people in their darkest hour. Thanks to the Red Cross, I look forward to every day,” says Tammy. If you are interested in joining the Red Cross as a volunteer, you can learn more about the open opportunities near you by visiting redcross.org/volunteer.

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