Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Lucas

This week, our volunteer spotlight highlights Disaster Action Team volunteer Steve Lucas. Steve began his Red Cross volunteer work in 2008 as a First Aid volunteer. Steve has always enjoyed helping others, and with that goal in mind, he spent the next 10 and a half years serving in the United States Air Force. After his career in the Air Force came to an end, Steve rejoined the Red Cross’ Disaster Action Team in California as a volunteer.

In 2019, Steve was hired by the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross as a Disaster Program Manager (DPM.) As a DPM, Steve was able to work on many important projects and initiatives, such as the Latino Outreach program, working with the local Burmese population, as well as working with members of the Martindale-Brightwood community. Steve also helped to create and pilot the Community Resilience position at the Red Cross.

Steve currently works as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for IU Health, but still serves the Indiana Region of the Red Cross as a volunteer.

“I really like the family-oriented nature of the Red Cross. You feel like you are a part of something bigger than just an organization,” stated Steve.

If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, visit redcross.org/volunteer to learn more about the open positions in your area.

Written by Regional Communications Manager, Matthew Kline.

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