Volunteer Spotlight: Carolina Castillo

The Indiana Region of the American Red Cross would not be able to do what it does for the community without our wonderful volunteers. On this #ThankfulTuesday, we are shining the light on Carolina Castillo, who has been volunteering for the American Red Cross – Indiana Region since 2017! She is currently serving as a communications volunteer who focuses on translating our messages into Spanish.

  • When did you become a volunteer with the Red Cross? 

My friend Gretchen Moore, a Red Cross volunteer, invited me to join the Red Cross in Warsaw, IN. I started working in the Red Cross local office in town, and then I was transferred to the Communication Team.

  1. Why did you become a Red Crosser? 

When I learned about the Red Cross’s impact across the world, I wanted to become part of it and support the great cause. As a bilingual person (Spanish and English), I saw a great potential to join the communication team to help the Red Cross spread information and guidance and help more people.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of volunteering?  

I feel fortunate to have been able to share my skills and help people. Also, being a volunteer has allowed me to know more about the different ways to support the Red Cross, like how to be a blood donor. It’s easy, and I encourage people to contact their local Red Cross, find the next blood center, and donate. It is a meaningful way to help people!

  1. How has your experience impacted you and others? 

I feel grateful to be part of the communication team; it has allowed me to share my skills and hopefully impact the lives of others by sharing messages in Spanish about the all Red Cross initiatives.

Are you interested communications? Do you speak another language? We need more volunteers like you! To learn more and to apply to become a volunteer today – click here.

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